authorGrowing up, it was implied to me to go to school, get an education, make something of myself, get a job, get married and stand on my own feet.

Does this sound like you? What happens when you went to school got the education, got the career, got the job, moved up in the company, people knew your name and then it’s all gone? What did you experience?

Me? I felt lost. I felt alone. I felt empty. I was lost. I lost me.

I had attached myself to my career.  My career was my identity. I made something of myself.  Or I thought I did.

The  company decided to close all of its location for a profit.  I was just a number not a valued employee.  Have you experienced this?  Or know someone experiencing this?

Not only did I experienced it, I felt emotionaly- anger, hurt, betrayal and mistrusting.

I mapped out my life. Education. Check. Career. Check. Job. Check. Made a name for myself. Check. Then it was all gone.

My security was gone.

Now, my life is amazing because I did the work to rebuild me. Rebuilt a new life. My life.

Now it’s time for you to create the life you want.