lightHaving many conversations with clients and at network gatherings.

I shared with many of them of how I resisted being seen.  I was safe and easy for me to be in the background and not have the spot light on me.

Many of the women I spoke to also lead a life in the shadows.  It was not serving me in my life not in my business nor theirs.  So, how does one move from the shadows to living life of being in the light?

How will people find me if they can not see me?  How can I find my One- the guy- by hiding?

I was not enjoying having people bumping me while walking round town.  While, I’m doing my errands, I find myself being human sandwiched or sitting on me.  Something had to change. I needed to change.

My first step to be seen, I decided it was tiem to change my wardrobe.  I switched from light, soft colored clothing to versatile outfits that are relatable to myself and others.

Once I was comfortable in my new clothes, I began my second steps, exploring different groups of networking.  Because I was networking, I was, also. listening to other people’s needs for coaching, hypnotherapy and seeking balance in their life.