I’m Christine Johel, and I’m a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and Medium.

Unlike many people who develop their intuition as adults, I was born with my gifts. I was a unique child who was able to see, hear and feel things that others couldn’t. My dad was the only one who understood me, and it was discouraging… I knew I was different, I FELT different, and I wanted to badly to fit in. By the age of 9, I couldn’t handle feeling as though I was on the outside looking in, and I shut down my intuitive gifts.

I spent the rest of my youth and early adult life trying to play catch up on the time I’d lost. I tried to be like my older sisters and my cousins. I felt like I’d fallen behind with education, and travel, so I embarked on both. I started a career as a pharmacy technician, and while it felt good to be helping, there were still missing pieces to the puzzle. I did all the right things, but they didn’t feel right. I was a good daughter, good sister, good employee, good friend. But things didn’t feel good. It turned out that it wasn’t just time I’d lost.

I’d lost myself.

Turning 30 changed everything. I started my training in Reiki, and followed encouragement from my dad to reconnect with my intuitive gifts. It was also a time of loss. First my grandfather, then my dad. I felt frozen, lost, and alone. Several months after my dad’s passing, I woke from a dream about a Saint I knew from Temple. The message he gave was, “It is time to come back. Bring your mom.” In May 2008, I consciously began my spiritual journey, and deepened my understanding of my path, and how I am meant to serve.

The pharmacy wasn’t cutting it.

Thought it paid the bills, I knew my path of service would be beyond anything the pharmacy could offer. Medicine is one way to support humanity, but other, more ethereal things were calling to me. I took course after course, learning skills like Hypnotherapy, Angel Card Reading, Mediumship and more. Each one getting me closer to my calling… my higher purpose. And now, I have built a career using all of these, including a revolutionary combination of Reiki-Hypnotherapy, to support women going through what I went through. The ones who followed the rules, did everything by the book, and still found their heart hungering for more.

And by exploring the shadow aspects of themselves, with support from Spirit, we’re able to break barriers, awaken happiness within, and reconnect them with the bliss that is their birthright. We co-create the life of their dreams, and they experience joy they’d once thought was reserved for others.

If my life has taught me anything it’s that we must embrace our gifts, we must never give up on the idea of happiness, and life’s transitions are a lot easier with a little help from the Divine.

Training & Education

  • Pharmacy Technician, CHCA Canadian Health Care Academy
  • Pharmacy Technician, HBC University
  • Reiki Levels 1, 2 & Master
  • Akashic Record Consultant, Jennifer Longmore of Soul Journey
  • Mediumship Program, Michele Somerville of Spiritual Venture
  • Mediumship Program, Karen McGregor of Divine You
  • Cornerstone, Y.O.U Seminars
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Alfa University
  • Empowering Change Coaching Program, Y.O.U Seminars
  • My Soul and I, Trained with a Medium-Jim

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