Have you ever felt life was supposed to be…More?
More excitement, more passion, more meaning?

Well beautiful, it is, and I’ll help you claim it!
A life rich with purpose, and Inner Harmonious Peace is waiting for you.

Here’s How I Help


By combining the benefits of energetic relaxation with the deep transformation of working with the subconscious, my clients are able to create long lasting change in their lives.


Using channeling, mediumship, energy readings and the Akashic Records, I am able to support my clients working through karmic barriers, and loss, and reconnect with their life’s purpose.


These transformational sessions over a period of time allow me to support my clients through big transitions, stepping into their power, and breaking through barriers to love and trust.

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About Christine

I’m Christine Lakhbir Johel, and the founder of Inner Harmonious Peace. I’m a medium, Certified Angel card reader, and pioneer in Reiki-Hypnotherapy. My passion is in helping women remove the barriers to living the life of their dreams – one of peace and clarity at any moment, in any given situation.

I specialize in working with women in transition, because I understand their struggles intimately. For years, I worked in a pharmacy, an industry that was not only unaligned with my values, but asked me to fit in a very specific box, which made me lose parts of myself. It was through work with energy and Spirit that I was able to rediscover my true self, and connect with my own inner harmonious peace.

My work artistically blends science and intuition, the energetic and the physical. I help my clients co-create their dream lives, surrendering the need for perfection, or living up to other people’s expectations, and living life by their own rules.


Dream Journeys

October 14, 2016



Westcoast Women’s Show

October 21-23

Tradex Centre